This article will guide you through reading and signing off on an EKG once you have been notified that one has been completed.

After the consult has been completed, you will receive an email, similar to the one above, notifying you that an EKG has been completed.

Next you will want to open CuraviEMR here for the facility that performed the EKG.

 **if you do not know your facility name please reach out to support at 888-528-7284. 

 Sort by last encounter, or days since last encounter and select most recent resident.  

NOTE: If there are multiple encounters for that day, contact the facility to retrieve the patients last name.

Click on the patients name in the list to open and view their list of encounters.

Locate the encounter that has EKG encounter | EKG in the description and click on it to open.

Once in the EKG encounter, review the EKG and document any notes or concerns.

Last, sign off on the EKG and save the encounter.

Once you click on the Sign Off button, you will be asked if you are ready to sign off on the record, which will become permanent and cannot be undone, and that you are authorized to sign off on this document. 

This will then fax a copy of the EKG to the unit fax machine at the facility, an email will also be sent to the residents attending of record.