This guide will walk you through a Psychiatry consult performed on the CuraviCart from the nurses view.


The first screen you will see is the Welcome screen. This is the screen that will always be seen when not in an active consult.


To enter the Psychiatry option, click on the Psychiatry button.

You will be presented with two options; Create and Start.

When you click on the Create button, you will be asked to enter a date and time for the consult to take place as well as your contact  info.

Next click on the Add New Resident button to enter the Residents info into the consult. 

With all info entered, click the Next button. You will then scan all necessary documents for the doctor to view.

Once all documents are scanned, you will see the list of Residents who have been added. From here you can add/scan additional documents OR delete the consult. To return to the main screen, click on the Finished button at the bottom of the list.

Now back on the Main screen, click on the Start button to begin a consult.

*Note: If no consults/patients have been added, you will not be able to continue.

If there are consults waiting to be conducted, select the consult that you wish to begin by clicking on the radio button on the left side. You will now enter your contact information incase something goes wrong and the doctor can call you back. Once everything has been entered, click on the Start button on the right side of the screen.

At this point, patiently wait while the doctor is contacted and asked to initiate the consult. Once the doctor has started the consult on  their end, the “Waiting to begin…” button will change to “Enter video consult” and you will click on that to load the video screen.


Allow a few seconds for the video to connect and once loaded, you will see the doctor in the main screen. 

To toggle between the available cameras on the CuraviCart, click on the Camera icon that is located on the left side. You will be able to choose between the Main camera, the Exam Camera, and the Otoscope Camera during the consult.

Located on the right side of the access bar, you will see the  ? button, along with Hide, and End.

The ? button is the Help button, when clicked this will show a window that gives you access to troubleshooting tips and how to guides. 


The Hide button will do just that, it will hide the main video window and send you back to the CuraviCare screen with the option to go Back to video.


The End button will end the video call. If clicked on, you will have the option to cancel that request if it was made in error. To end the  call, click on the Hang up button.

Once the consult has been ended, you will see the end screen  and be asked to perform a few tasks as well as click on the Finish button on the  right side of the screen.