CuraviCare™ EKG Consult Workflow

  • All EKGs will automatically be stored and sent directly to Curavi™ cardiologist for read and interruption during the hours of 8am – midnight with a turn-around time of 1 hour. For all EKGs that are completed outside of the cardiologist hours, the EKG will be stored and sent to Curavi™ cardiologist at 8am.
  •  There is no longer a need to provide and scan the Resident’s face sheet as part of the workflow.

Please follow the tips below to ensure that Curavi™ cardiologist only receives only ONE EKG per patient and it is of the best quality.

  • Have patient in bed, lying flat, with upper and lower extremities resting on bed.
  • Remain in the EKG consult screen at all times.
  • Positioning adjustments can be made to the electrodes and leads to enhance the EKG strip quality prior to saving the EKG.
  • For enhanced quality, please ensure that the patient’s clothing is not touching the electrodes or leads.
  • Please stabilize the patient’s upper and lower extremities to ensure the best quality of the EKG strip.
  • You will have the opportunity to redo the EKG before you save and send to the cardiologist.
  • When you have completed the EKG, you will receive a print out on your unit fax machine, and the EKG will be automatically sent to the cardiologist.  Once the cardiologist has accepted and interpreted the EKG, you will receive another fax of the EKG final read. 
  • Before attempting to redo the EKG on the same patient, allow the Curavi™ cardiologist to review what you have captured.  If they require more information, they will notify you.

Technical Support is always available by calling

1-888-5Curavi (1-888-528-7284)

Or submitting a ticket by clicking on the CuraviSupport™ icon on the

CuraviCart™ desktop.