Speak to your facility educator, DON or unit manager.

Your facility has a Certified Curavi Trainer who can provide training to you and other staff members.

If your trainer is not available, or you need additional training, please contact using 1 of the methods below:

At Curavi we offer multiple channels for you to connect with us regarding your Curavi services. If you need to contact us for support related situations, please see the options below.

For urgent matters call our 24/7 Support number at: 1-888-5CURAVI (1-888-528-7284)

For less urgent situations, you can create a new support ticket, from our Curavi Support page: https://curavihealth.freshdesk.com OR you can always send us an email at: support@curavihealth.com

To submit a ticket, please be sure to enter ALL required fields.