As a Curavi Certified trainer you can train nurses in your facility on how to use the CuraviCart and CuraviCare software through our standardized training program.

Training for Curavi can be quick and easy, but hands on and repetition is often very helpful for new learners.  

We recommend a two-step approach to training in small groups of 2-3 nurses

Training consists of classroom session followed by scheduling a mock training consult.

It’s important that each learner gets an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in using the cart and verbal communication techniques such as the SBAR.

Demonstrating proficiency means that they must learn to start a consult, scan documents and use each of the peripherals without prompting and provide a report using the SBAR format.

As a Curavi Trainer you should become familiar with the following:

  1. The benefits of using telemedicine for the resident and the nurse

  2. The hardware, being the CuraviCart

  3. The software, being CuraviCare

  4. The signs and symptoms of the six potentially avoidable hospitalization diagnoses

  5. SBAR, communication tool: Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendations.

You can request a Curavi staff member to be available for mock consults at least 48 hours in advance. To do so, submit a request on the cart, call our support line at 1-888-528-7284, or email at

For a mock session it’s best to find a willing resident and pretend that resident has one of the six changes in condition.  Write “mock” as the resident’s name in the consult request.